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Silver Peak Silver Peak

Silver Peak offers a high-performance SD-WAN solution that securely connects users to applications using any combination of connectivity.

EdgeConnect provides secure and reliable virtual overlays to connect users to applications with the flexibility to use any combination of transport technologies without compromising network or application performance.

With Silver Peak, customers can increase performance and reduce cost.

In addition to large scale WAN Network Transformation, Hararei offer solutions for Secure Overlay Networks and Thin Branch, which may substantially reduce costs associated with running a large physical branch network.

Silver Peak High Performance SDWAN provides the following benefits

  • Increased Application Performance and Avalability
  • Enhanced Agility and Responsiveness to Business Initiatives
  • Simplified WAN Edge Infrastructure
  • Improved WAN Security
  • Reduction in WAN Costs

A Silver Peak SDWAN can coexist with your existing network, which means you can adopt it incrementally, without disrupting your entire WAN

The Silver Peak Throughput Calculator allows you to estimate the benefit from deploying WAN Optimization on specific network links. Use it to asses your own network links.

Throughput Calculator

Calculate your WAN throughput and optimization potential.

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