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Platform9 Platform 9

A 100% cloud based as–a–service for OpenStack and Kubernetes. Ideal for building/enhancing your private cloud, while fully enabling and greatly simplifying public cloud exploitation too. Platform9 manages the complexity for you and allows you to easily integrate OpenStack and Kubernetes into your environment.

Platform9‘s open source–as–a–service model makes it easy to run hybrid clouds across any infrastructure, using leading open source cloud frameworks. Unlike DIY approaches or legacy distributions, Platform9 delivers OpenStack and Kubernetes as SaaS Managed solutions that offer instant time to value, require zero maintenance, and easily integrate with all of your infrastructure.

In this video we show how OpenStack can be used to manage a AWS hybrid cloud. Our solution can discover running VMs and AMIs in AWS and make them available for self–service via OpenStack.

In this webinar, Platform9 Systems Engineers, Cody Hill and Jeremy Brooks, present the details on High Availability and how Platform9 enables it for OpenStack environments