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DB Cybertech DB Cybertech

DB Cybertech offers a completely non-intrusive solution for DB security: Deep protocol inspection. Discover databases. Pinpoint insider and advanced persistent threats. Identify database attacks and application breaches.

DB Networks next generation technology is based on database infrastructure sensors, deep protocol extraction, machine learning, and behavioral analysis. The insights they provide customers ‘shine a light’ on the hidden attack surface to identify database attacks and insider threats in real–time. Their behavioral analysis algorithms automatically identify anomalies and breaches. Their database cybersecurity products are effective against both perimeter breaches and breaches resulting from the insider threat. We offer unprecedented accuracy in the detection of database attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and zero–day attacks while also significantly reducing operational support. DB Networks technology is foundational to achieving the ultimate vision of autonomous cybersecurity.

Armed with new insights you are now able to establish a defensive layer for your database infrastructure. You can now confidently take the proper actions necessary to significantly reduce your attack surface and reduce the risk of a data breach.

Operating at the database tier, directly in front of the database servers, DB Networks is in the perfect location to effectively analyze database traffic. It will immediately identify any undocumented databases, identify traffic to/from restricted segments, identify advanced database attacks, and the use of compromised credentials. When rogue SQL statements are present at the database tier it means your perimeter defenses have been breached and your application has also been exploited. The DB Networks stands as the final defense in your database defense–in–depth strategy.

DB Networks is easy to set up and can be deployed with no changes to existing applications, databases, or cybersecurity systems.